Processors are getting quicker and internet speeds are getting faster. Consequently, video has become the ultimate marketing tool, demonstrating the value of your business in an engaging, informative way and Facebook is becoming one of the market leaders. Here are some quick stats on Facebook video:
– The number of Facebook video posts have increased by 94{23c274af1656616e3f1970bb29a73a22bb8f0f734b0db7ab594e6771c526463d}.
– Facebook paid $50+ million to influencers and publishers to promote video features.
– Facebook videos have increased 360{23c274af1656616e3f1970bb29a73a22bb8f0f734b0db7ab594e6771c526463d} in newsfeed updates.
– 100 million hours of Facebook videos are watched daily.

How we consume content is completely changing; no longer will we discuss the interesting documentary on BBC2 last night, it’s more likely to be a 30-second video of the business that turned their office into a ball pit.

The amount of time that people spend consuming video content on Facebook is increasing, and the demand for video is skyrocketing. However, it can be hard to know where to even begin. So, to make things easier, here are some essential factors to take into consideration when creating video on Facebook in 2019:

Who are you?
Before you start creating any kind of content, it’s important you have a clear understanding of your target audience. Try to hone this down as much as possible. Once you have this nailed, you can start thinking about the kind of content they’d like to see.

Are you not entertained?
You need to entertain, engage and educate your target audience. Provide useful information, tips and always entertain. Animation and visuals are a perfect way to do this.

Hook, line and sinker
Once you’ve identified your target audience, and have established what they’d like to see, you need to hook them in. You have about 3 seconds to encourage people to watch before they scroll to the next video in their feed. So don’t waste time – make those 3 seconds count! 47{23c274af1656616e3f1970bb29a73a22bb8f0f734b0db7ab594e6771c526463d} of total ad recall happens in the first 3 seconds of a video ad. Moreover, don’t forget to use the text component of your post – Facebook recommends pulling out a key quote or moment from the video in order to set up the expectations of what will feature.

Stay loyal
Always upload your video directly to Facebook, rather than linking it from video sharing sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. This means that the video will autoplay in a users feed, while YouTube/Vimeo links need to be tapped. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also been proven that native video gets up to 10 times more shares than YouTube!

Size does matter
Pay attention to the dimensions. These days, most people view Facebook on a mobile device, so create your video with this in mind. 98{23c274af1656616e3f1970bb29a73a22bb8f0f734b0db7ab594e6771c526463d} of people don’t rotate their phone to watch a landscape video in all its glory, so keep it square. 95{23c274af1656616e3f1970bb29a73a22bb8f0f734b0db7ab594e6771c526463d} of Facebook users are on a mobile. Square format will give a massive 78{23c274af1656616e3f1970bb29a73a22bb8f0f734b0db7ab594e6771c526463d} more screen space!
It’s been shown that square videos receive higher amounts of engagement, views, and reach – particularly on mobile. (We could tell you all about vertical video too, but that’s a story for a different day!)

It’s hard to listen without sound
Without sound you can’t know what someone is saying. 85{23c274af1656616e3f1970bb29a73a22bb8f0f734b0db7ab594e6771c526463d} of video on Facebook is watched with the sound off, so consider this when you’re producing your videos. Use captions to highlight the key points, or add subtitles so it can be understood by those watching on mute.

Make it legit
You can’t just chuck your favourite tune onto a video; Facebook have actually started silencing videos that use copyrighted music, so be careful not to fall into that trap. There are a shedload of royalty-free music sites out there.

This is us
Does the quality of your video reflect the quality of your service? Remember, first impressions last, so if this is the first time your potential customer or client has been exposed to your offering, does it do you justice? An exception to this rule is Facebook Live, which can be more forgiving due to its live and off-the-cuff nature.
Live and let Live. That’s live, as in Facebook Live
When Facebook launched Facebook Live, it tweaked its algorithm to rank live videos higher, as live videos keep people engaged. This is a great way of going behind the scenes of your business, documenting live events or inviting a live Q&A with users. It also has the added bonus that you can engage with your viewers there and then.

What’s the point?
Include a call to action. This could be encouraging people to visit your website, call into store, or simply hitting like on your Facebook page. You could include the call to action inside of the post copy, as part of the video itself – either as a caption or read out by the presenter or voiceover.

2019 is set to be the year of video so if you need help putting together video content for your business please get in touch.